Our references

At EVEN, we like to talk about bridgeheads that open up new paths. You will not find a long list of activity areas; rather we offer strong specialization to encourage a greater proximity to our clients. Clients consult with us and we accompany them.

Distribution law – Business law – Corporate law

Whenever, for instance, a manufacturer needs to distribute its products or services, or when it has to address its relationships with its distributors, its agents, its network of franchisees, or when the distributor has to deal with complaints from its supplier or vice versa … they can trust EVEN.

It is often a good idea to define those relations precisely in order to prevent problems from arising. And there you will find us: when a manufacturer wants to create or change its distribution structure in Spain; when it wants to re-organize its franchise network; when it has to terminate its agency contracts. But also when an agent, regrettably, has to be expelled from the network, when a concession contract has to be cancelled, when sums outstanding go unpaid, etc.

In the event of a conflict, we shall strive to reach agreements whenever these are fair and feasible, and we shall always act honestly in advising and defending our clients’ interests, particularly when claiming for monies owed (invoices, commission, royalties, etc.) or, when the debtor is insolvent, by issuing certificates so that, in accordance with the client’s foreign regulations, the credit may be posted to losses.

Estate law – Civil law – Procedural law

Receiving an inheritance can often be a source of problems. At Even, we want to help you ensure a fair distribution, mediating in any conflicts that may arise and with the minimum tax liability possible.

We are at your side to face all kinds of practical hurdles, from proposing the best way to overcome a blank refusal by another heir to the resolution of all manner of legal issues with minors or persons declared incompetent and, where necessary, we will represent you before the courts of law in all kinds of jurisdictions and at all levels.

We specialize in helping foreign heirs with beneficial interests in Spanish current accounts and real estate and, thanks to our international collaborators, we can also deliver solutions when property held abroad is included in a Spanish inheritance.

In tandem with this specialization, and with the same degree of experience, Even will accompany its clients in their trading, corporate and contractual affairs, in its disputes before the courts. Companies with foreign capital are our main asset.

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