General principle and applicable rules. At EVEN we want you to be informed of the reasons why we ask for your personal data. It also deals with obligations that we must comply with in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data (General Data Protection Regulation). Full text of this Regulation can be found at In the following points we will refer to him as GDPR.

It is also of application Organic Act 3/2018 on Personal Data Protection.

Affected people. This information affects the personal data of natural persons. It does not affect, therefore, the data of the legal entities (mercantile societies, associations, foundations, cooperatives …) that you provide us or that we can obtain from public sources (1.1 GDPR).

Data provided. EVEN does not request any personal data through this website. The data that you may provide when commenting on a post of the blog or the information form will be voluntarily provided by you and will be treated exclusively for the specific purpose (comment or request of information). They will not be given to third parties or used for different purposes.

Sometimes you can ask for your personal data or you can inform us of others even if we have not expressly requested it. Regarding the first ones as well as the second ones, we will consider that you have voluntarily lent them to us, being aware that we will conserve them for the purposes detailed in these notes.

Consent. If you are a client of EVEN or if you have requested by any means information to know the contractual or precontractual conditions of EVEN, you do not need to give your consent for us to process your data (6.1.b GDPR). Those you provide will be treated in accordance with this Policy. Keep in mind, however, everything that we indicate below regarding the possibility of communicating them to third parties.


Responsible for the treatment. EVEN is responsible for the treatment of your data. The data are managed directly by EVEN, although sometimes some of this data could be accessed by E-CREA SOLUTIONS ADVANCE IT SLU with NIF B88104666 and address at Calle Toscana, 38B 28032 – Madrid (Spain) in the exercise of its activities of computer and software maintenance. Similarly, certain personal data (name, address, NIF, detailed subject of invoices and billing amount) are also accessible by SB ASESORES SL, with address Juan Alvarez De Mendizábal 47, MADRID and NIF B81303091, in quality responsible for the treatment, who performs accounting and taxation.


Recipient of your data. The recipient of your data will be EVEN only. It is not foreseen to communicate them beyond those required by the Law or those necessary for accounting / tax management and computer maintenance, and for the handling of their matter such as, for example, lawsuits (in which case the courts of justice in the corresponding jurisdiction, the elected court representative, the notary in case of granting of substitution of power or necessity for the preparation of notarial documents required by his request, and experts whose intervention is requested at the discretion of the Firm). The filing of a lawsuit, the drafting of contracts, the intermediation in negotiation or mediation activities, may imply that the parties involved in the procedure, negotiation, mediation or contracting, as well as their procedural representatives, lawyers and experts may have knowledge of such personal data even when none of these situations finally reach completion. In the consent that you are giving us covers all those eventualities.


Data transmission. EVEN may also transmit certain personal data to the Spanish Tax Agency in compliance with the tax obligations to which we are obliged, either generically or as a result of individualized information requirements. EVEN may also transfer your personal data to the Administration, public authorities, courts and other public bodies when legally required.


Delegate for data protection. EVEN is not required to have a Data Protection Delegate (37 and following GDPR). However you can exercise the rights that we detail below and any other provided in the GDPR at the email address


Purpose of the data. Your data is necessary to manage the professional and contractual relationship between you and EVEN and to maintain communications. EVEN will not use your data for generalized marketing communications, for the creation of profiles, or for advertising. EVEN will not make an international transfer of data abroad nor transfer its data to any person without prejudice to what is indicated above in relation to contracts, judicial matters, negotiations or mediations.


Term of conservation of the data. The period during which your data will be kept is not possible to know in advance, but it will be the necessary for the exercise of legal actions whose intervention have been requested or are in relation to them, while the procedure is in course in all the instances and phases that require it or its maintenance is reasonable due to the possibility of continuing the remedies and as long as you have not expressly indicated not to continue, while the judicial or extrajudicial negotiation or mediation lasts, or while it remains active the commercial relationship between the parties in extrajudicial matters and in as much as it may require the assistance of EVEN. In any case, personal data may be retained when required by an identification obligation in terms of prevention of money laundering or similar, during the maximum period provided in the norms or for a period that could reach the maximum period of liability in matters tributary At the end of these deadlines your personal data will be destroyed.


Rights and way to exercise them. You have the following rights that we summarize below without prejudice to their legal extension: Right to request access to your data (15 RGPD), right t rectification when they are inaccurate (16 RGPD), right to erasure them (right to be forgotten) (17 RGPD), right to restriction of proessing (18 RGPD), rght to object (21 RGPD) ) and right to data portability (20 RGPD).


To exercise such rights, you must communicate it in the easier way to you: either by letter addressed to EVEN ABOGADOS SLP at the indicated postal address above, either by email to the address also indicated, by mentioning in this case, in the subject of the email; “DATA PROTECTION, Name and Surname” and in the body of the message your request.

In both cases (whether you choose the option of ordinary mail communication, such as electronic communication) and in order to verify your identity, you have to send a copy of your current identity document in which your personal data and a sufficiently clear and visible photograph appear: passport, document or identity card; other documents such as transport tickets, associative, or similar ones will not be valid.

The answer to your requests will be free. However, in the event that your requests are manifestly unfounded or excessive, especially due to their repetitive nature, EVEN has the possibility and reserves the right to exercise it, to charge a reasonable fee based on the administrative costs incurred to facilitate the information or communication or perform the requested action or refuse to act on such request.

The request you make as well as the copy of your identity document will be kept by the Firm for a period of two years from reception.

You can also file a complaint with a supervisory authority such as the Data Protection Agency.

Need for data. We need you to give us your information in order to manage your business and the contract that binds us together. If you do not give such consent or if you revoke it or if you later oppose their processing, this will mean that it will be is impossible to continue the contractual relationships. The withdrawal of your consent will not affect, however, treatment based on your prior consent.









This Policy has been updated on May 25, 2018