Goodwill Indemnity in Agency and Distributorship Contracts: Recent Trends


Negotiating and drafting international Agency or Distribution agreements not always an easy question because it regards what is governed during the agreement but also the important consequences (in term of legal requirements and economic consequences) of the termination.

This paper is a mere summary of what has been presented and discussed in Munich in September 10 2016 by Ignacio Alonso at the occasion of the Workshop-Seminar «Drafting Effective International Contracts: International Sales, Agency and Distributorship Contracts» of the UIA joint session of the Contract Law and International Sale of Goods Commissions. The information has been obtained, among other sources, from the International Distribution Institute Reports (

It contains some clues on what to take into account when drafting Agency and Distribution contracts regarding the goodwill indemnity and damages compensation after the termination of the agreements.



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